Noel Gallagher on Pep Guardiola
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Noel Gallagher revealed how he upset Pep Guardiola once and praises Pep after seeing him sing ‘Don’t look back in anger’.

After City were crowned champions this campaign, social media was sent into a frenzy when a video emerged of Guardiolastylishly smoking a cigar to celebrate the triumph, proudly singing along to Oasis' Don't Look Back in Anger on camera.

The Blues boss is known to be a huge fan of the iconic Manchester band and Gallagherhas revealed he was in contact with Guardiola on the night City celebrated their fifth Premier League title at the training ground with staff.

"He sent me a few messages that night - let's just say he was enjoying himself," Gallagher said to the BBC. "I was impressed that he can sing while smoking a massive cigar, which is very difficult. I am not sure I could pull that off!"

"To be honest, Pep is always trying to get me to bring a guitar to a game," Gallagher said. "A couple of years ago, before our last game of the season, I had a day off in Amsterdam where I was on tour, and my phone went and it was Guardiola. I was thinking 'I wonder what he wants?'. So I picked up and he is going, 'Sunday, you are coming to the match?'

"I said 'yeah' and he said 'right, bring your guitar, because you can do a little gig for us in the dressing room afterwards'. I was like 'mate, I can't because all my equipment is on the road' and he was getting a bit upset about it, going 'why not!?'.

"One day, I'd love to do it and he can have a singalong with me, of course."


source Manchester evening news