In an interview with cbcmusic during his
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In an interview with cbcmusic during his American tour, Noel Gallagher talked about lots of things, his new album, The Stone Roses, brother Liam and more.

On the new album:

Regarding the new album, Noel said: "Finished half of it, I think. We've done six tracks, they're not mixed. I'd say they're all right. It's a very casual affair that's going on. We record it during breaks in tours and [producer and electronic musician] David [Holmes]'s film commitments. We've been at it for nearly two years and I think we've still only done about four weeks [of recording]."

When asked why it is taking so long to finish it all, Noel Gallagher said:" Well, I'm f--king on tour and he's over in Hollywood or whatever on Earth he does when he's not working for me and then it's like,  “Oh, I've got a week free are you around” and it's like, “No, I'm not, I'm in the f--king Gabon playing in the f--king jungle for someone.” And then you manage to cobble together a few days here and there."

On the sound of the new album:

"It's difficult to talk about something when half of it's not been written yet. I can tell you it's not, thus far, an electronic record. That's all I'm willing to say about it."

On the Stone Roses new music:

"I heard it in [Stone Roses bassist] Mani's kitchen while Mani and his wife were staring at me intently — which was quite off-putting, I must say. But I thought it was f--king great, to be honest. I'm very pleased for them. Good for them. It sounds like them."

On the documentary

It's good. I think fans are gonna love it. Brought back a lot of funny memories and how big we were and what an impact we made on people's lives and blah, blah, blah and all that. I'm not sure if anybody's gonna f--king learn anything from it.

On Liam calling him a potato

Liam calls people lots of things. One shouldn't take seriously the ramblings of a f--king buffoon. I have no idea, I guess you'd have to somehow get an interview with Liam. But as he's f--king  retired I'm not sure that's going to happen any time soon.

On an Oasis reunion

I don't think there'll ever be an Oasis reunion. I'd do it for the money but I'm not sure the singer would be able to pull it off. He wasn't that good last time I played with him, d'ya know what I mean? If you're gonna come back you've got to be at least f--king average. Now myself, I practise a lot so I'd be quite confident I could pull it off but the rest of them? They don't seem to be doing much these days.


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ph: Pablo Astudillo