When Noel Gallagher was asked about his
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When Noel Gallagher was asked about his heroes and why they were his heroes in life by rolling stone magazine, he replied:

"Musical heroes I guess would be The Beatles and The Stones, Ray Davies because he wrote the best songs, Pete Townshend because he didn't give a f###, David Gilmour and Roger Waters, John Lydon because he's real as fuck, I get slightly nervous when I meet him but I think he likes me because I had some nights out with him and we get on great and I love him; Paul Weller, who is a real good friend of mine, who is also my neighbour, The Stone Roses who wrote Sally Cinnamon who inspired me then Morrissey and Marr who took songwriting to a whole new level.Morrissey is so funny, so fucking unbelievable and Johnny is just like me, he's from Manchester and he has an Irish upbringing but he's a wizard and finally he said "and my mum because she brought Liam Gallagher up,and Fuck me! Imagine doing that!"

In oher news, Noel Gallagher on Manchester and his favourite places in the world.

PH: Pablo Astudillo

Source: rollingstone