In an exclusive interview with Noel Gallagher,
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In an exclusive interview with Noel Gallagher, shot during his last visit to Buenos Aires, former Oasis guitarist talked about his friend Gary Aspden and his new Spezial range.

"I've known Gary for 20 years now. Gary was always talking about his range when I met him. He was the sort of middleman between the brand and the celebrities or rockstars whatever. I know that he is an expert on adidas and very passionate about it and it was always his dream to do his own collection. And when he came to tell me he was gonna do it, I went "Ok. But when you finally see it, it really is amazing. Some of the shoes he's made are like classics, some of the clothes are great. And I hope he carries on doing it for a long, long timebecause he's reinvigorated the brand."

And finally added "It's really high quality stuff, it looks great, it feels great. It really is amazing."

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You can watch the full exclusive interview below