, Noel Gallagher discussed his new studio album and said he had ...
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In an interview with rolling stone, Noel Gallagher discussed his new studio album and said he had a clear goal this time:

"I'm doing some stuff that, this time in particular, will get really, properly ignored in America," he says. "I don't just mean ignored like the rest of 'em. I mean properly ignored. That's what I'm aiming for: total, total anonymity. I'm sick and tired of being in New York and being pestered by one person a month. That's gotta fucking stop."

Gallagher recently talked about his love for Bowie's music, which he suggests has carried over to his most recent work. "There's a line in 'In the Heat of the Morning,'" he says, referencing a Sixties-pop rarity from early in Bowie's career. "I listened to it the other day, thinking, 'Oh, I've subconsciously used that in some of my new stuff.' Amazing!" Gallagher also cites an echo of 1973's "The Jean Genie" in a track he's cooking up. "I've nicked a little bit of that," he admits. "The 'woo-hoo!' You'll hear that sooner or later in one of my tracks."

Finally, Noel Gallagher said: "I remain fucking totally awesome," Gallagher declares. "In 2016, I'm as awesome as I was in the back end of 2015. My hair is impeccable; it's not showing any signs of thinning, at all. I'm fuckin' thriving. Thriving!"

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