When Britain goes to the polls this week to decide
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When Britain goes to the polls this week to decide whether to leave the EU, don't expect Noel Gallagher to be first in line.

"Do I think we should leave? I don't think we should be given a vote,"  the former Oasis mastermind told CBC Music.

"I see politicians on TV every night telling us that this is  a f--king momentous decision that could f--king change Britain forever and blah, blah, blah. It's like, okay, why don't you
f--king do what we pay you to do which is run the f--king country and make your f--king mind up," he continues. "What are you asking the people for? 99 percent of the people are thick as pig shit."

Finally, Noel Gallagher said  "They [politicians] didn't f--king ask us for a referendum when they were going off to war, did they?" he points out. "No, f--king assholes." And on voting that day, he said "I'll decide to vote on the morning," he offers. "I might be busy."


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Source: http://music.cbc.ca/

 PH: Pablo Astudillo