Noel Gallagher on 'Be Here Now' and Liam
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In an exclusive interview with Mojo Magazine (which you can buy here), Noel Gallagher talked about the making of Oasis third studio album 'Be Here Now'
and said:

"We had to go back to London. I’m sure it wasn’t for any technical reasons – just chaos of some description. If I was ti have my time again, I would have walked away. ‘I s hould be buying a yacht,what the fuck am I doing here arguing with Bonehead about a capo?!’ In that band, it’s futile. Because you’ve got a singer who speaks aSo we went to AIR [George Martin’s studio in London]. Pissed day again. It was getting to that point where no one was allowed in the studio when Liam was singing. I went like, ‘I’m gonna go on holiday…’ I remember coming back after a month, and listening to it: I thought it was shocking. I called Owen [Morris, co-producer] and said, we have got to go back to AIR…’We did the whole album in two days. And that’s what ended up on the record. Youcould never leave them alone in the studio, any of them. The mix is terrible. There was 10 people in the control room – seven of them Liam, pontificating about some fucking nonsense. It was excruciatingly loud.We were high as kites. I think subconsciously no one really believed
it was a great album, just a case of, ‘Fuck it, this’ll do. Let’s get out on the road."


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