In an interview with THE QUIETUS, NOEL GALLAGHER discussed his solo career and leaving Oasis...
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Noel Gallagher on being solo.

In an interview with THE QUIETUS, NOEL GALLAGHER discussed his solo career and leaving Oasis. When asked if he was happier now working by himself, Noel Gallagher said: " Oh, fucking infinitely, yeah. I always have been a loner, man. When I was growing up, I never ran with a gang of lads, not for any other reason than I like the peace and quiet. The other side of that coin was Liam. He can't stand being by himself: he has to be surrounded by chaos, and I get that. Not everybody's the same. If everybody was, it'd be fucking boring." and added on quitting Oasis "Leaving the band is something that I felt needed to happen for Oasis, you know. Before I left, we were just another band. Now we'd split up: your shit just grows and grows and grows."

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