Noel Gallagher: "I'll never walk the stage with Oasis"
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In an interview with BBC, Noel Gallagher talked to Stig Abell about his brother Liam and how the treatment of his family on social media has only heightened his resolve to not reform Oasis.

Noel said: "Liam was great at singing my songs. He's a great singer." and added " I think the nation as a whole would love me to get a twitter account. Social media is exhausting. It shines a light on things that are quite distasteful. My wife and my kids are on social media. But you know what? people come after them on social media. My wife has showed me things people write about her and it's disgraceful so has my daughter you know in regards to Oasis and it only strengthens my resolve that I'll never walk the stage with that band again.  There are many reasons, it used to be professional but now it's personal. Especially because one person has legitimized it and for that reason you've seen the last of Oasis."

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Source : BBC via stopcryinyourheartout

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