Noel Gallagher does not rule out an Oasis reunion
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For the first time in years; actually since Oasis split up in 2009, Noel Gallagher has not ruled out a future Oasis reunion. In every single interview he did before, Noel Gallagher made it quite clear that the band he formed with his younger brother Liam would never ever get back together. However, a few days ago he gave an interview to Aussie journalist Richard Wilkins and when asked about a future Oasis reunion, Noel Gallagher replied: 'The band I'm in now is the best band I've ever been in ... Oasis was great, the music and all that'

Wilkins then asked Noel: "Do we never say never?" and Noel rplied: "Oasis reunion? Well it's not for me. It would have to be some extraordinary circumstances that brought me and Liam back together ...I'm not saying those circumstances don't exist but I don't see it but ... Who knows? Yeah maybe you should never say never.'

Did he say Yes? No he didn't but for the first time since left Oasis in 2009, he has said 'Never say never'. We'll see then.

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Is Noel Gallagher now open to an Oasis reunion? What do YOU think?

I didn't ask Noel about an Oasis reunion when I interviewed him 

Source: Today Show Australia

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