Noel Gallagher and the guitar he used in the 'Don't Look back in Anger' video
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In a recent interview where Noel Gallagher discusses the track by track to celebrate the 25th anniversary of WTSMG, NG revealed that the guitar he was playing in the 'Don't Look Back in Anger' video had been another present from long time friend and ex Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr.

Talking about one of Oasis' most anthemic tracks, Noel said: "On the Definitely Maybe tour a guy that was working for us in New York had a brother who had a cassette of John Lennon in conversation just before his death and in that cassette Lennon says the words 'then they'll you the brains have gone to your head' and I heard that line and went 'I will f##### die if I don't include that in a song.'; the piano at the beginning of the song is a nod to that' .

Noel added:" I wrote it in Paris after a night at a strip club. So I often wondered if Sally's a stripper but I don't know who Sally is." "Man, that song is mad; it's f###### mad. I don't know why. It's just got the magic!"

Finally, Noel Gallagher said about his guitar: "The electric guitar that I played that song on  was given to me by Johnny Marr; another one." and he says another one because it was not the first time Johnny Marr had given Noel a guitar.

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