Mod UK
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London-based photographer Owen Harvey has been documenting the style and community of the contemporary Mod scene since 2012.

The Mod subculture emerged in the 1950s and hit its peak in the mid-60s. Harvey told BBC: “One of the first successful images I took in the series is still one of my favourites. It’s a close crop of a dancing torso,” says Harvey. The image illustrates the energy of the dance floor and a passion for the music. When you look a little closer you can also see how important the presentation of the clothing is, from the perfectly placed pocket square, down to the cufflinks" and added "My aim for the project was to learn and document how and why this interesting subculture exists today. At a time when many young people spend a lot of their lives online, I was interested in what turned this group of people on this scene - one which has evolved and changed over time."

Mod UK by Owen Harvey opens on 27July 2017 at The Subculture Archives, Carnaby Street, London.


Source: BBC