Mat Whitecross on new documentaries
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Mat Whitecross, the director behind the Oasis Supersonic documentary, has revealed to NME in a new interview, that he would like to work with either The Smiths or Arctic Monkeys on a future project.

Supersonic has been a massive hit since its release in October and, speaking to NME this week, Whitecross discussed his future aspirations.

Asked if he has any bands in mind that he would like to work with on a similar project, the filmmaker replied: “God, there are so many! People keep on dying this year, it’s the year from hell.” He added: “As far as people I grew up admiring, I love bands like The Smiths. I love the Arctic Monkeys… I love Tom Waits. Leonard Cohen was huge figure in my life growing up… Joni Mitchell [too].” “The problem is, a little bit like the problem we had with Oasis, there’s so much material, their lives are so rich, how do you fix on one specific moment in their life to talk about?”

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Source: NME