Long Hot Summers - The Story of The Style Council
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Sky Arts - Freeview Channel 11 - Saturday October 31 at 9pm.

The pop group The Style Council, whilst at all times impeccably dressed, served up a diverse and catchy mix of classic agitprop pop, soul and jazzed infused songs, that are still fondly remembered to this day. We look back at how the fervent 1980s political landscape shaped the life, times and music of the band, that Paul Weller left The Jam to create, with Mick Talbot.

The documentary will air on Sky Arts on Saturday October 31 at 9pm.

Now available for everyone to watch on Freeview Channel 11

Maetin Freeman said on TSC: ‘It was and still remains one of the best combinations of music and look in a pop group ever’ Martín Freeman