The Libertines have warned fans to prepare of a week of 'unprecedented' shenanigans in a secret event in London soon...
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The Libertines have told fans to prepare of a week of 'unprecedented' shenanigans in a secret event in London soon.

The band, who are gearing up to release their long-awaited third album Anthems For Doomed Youth, will be celebrating their return with a run of events featuring new material dubbed as 'Somewhere Over The Railings'.

The band wrote on theirr official Facebook page."Pleased to unveil a week of unprecedented shenanigans/activities in London called “Somewhere Over The Railings”, centered around a secret destination we’ve dubbed the Bucket Shop," 

"Pertinent details: def. and origin of the term 'Bucket Shop' (a front? Diversifying investment tactics) play on loyalties/Arcadian faithful to be lured into the pre-sales racket. Management and industry hierarchies in either a) either/or b) genuine devotion to melodic socio-spiritual journey upon the good ship Albion - aye and the lads 'demselves."

They added: "Nb: despite cynical accusative between (wide, stately) lines there is to be a genuine time of rejoicing. Coming together in celebration of the new Libertines songs, as presented in the long player "Anthems For Doomed Youth" released at the beginning of September."

To find out about the events, fans can sign up to their mailing list or pre-order the album over at The Libs' official website.

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source: gigwise