Liam Gallagher has hit out at the makers
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Liam Gallagher has hit out at the makers of the forthcoming Oasis documentary for deciding to premiere the film in London rather than Manchester.

The band’s former frontman slammed the filmmakers and appeared to blame his brother Noel Gallagher for the choice of venue.

Liam Gallagher took to Twitter this morning and wrote: “So check this out apparently some clown trying to tell me this film about my f****** band yeah MY band is not premiering in MCR iFTOTB.” He added: “Your so called mighty 1 only up for London premier as you were you porcelain k***. “If I have to come and knock on your door you'll get it popcorn and DVD.”

Liam Gallagher had previously shown his support for the film  describing the project as ‘biblical’ after watching an early cut of the film last month.

So whose side are you on :  Liam or Noel? Let us know below.


In case you missed it, watch our exclusive interview with Noel Gallagher below.

source: standard