Liam Gallagher took to twitter to reveal
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Liam Gallagher took to twitter to reveal he wants to reform Oasis, but brother Noel is refusing to get the band back together.

Liam also hinted on Twitter that he is about to release some new music.

Liam Gallagher wrote on Twitter:

“Listen up: no Oasis reunion. Rkid’s not into it. I am – he’s too busy being beige. New sounds on their way. Stay cool, and most of all stay relevant.”

Then Liam started arguing with a fan on Twitter and this is what he wrote when the fan replied to his tweet.:

Mike Parry on twitter: "You can hardly blame him Liam. He's a Lennon/McCartney class musician and you're an average singer with attitude"

To which Liam replied: "You reckon you soppy cunt he's average and you know it you stay tuned big ears be prepared to be dazzled as you were knobjockey".

A few months ago, there were rumours he was working with former La's frontman, Lee Mavers but the rumours were then denied.

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