Liam Gallagher on the 90's, The Verve, Blur and his fave TV show
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In an interview with illinois Entertainer, Liam Gallagher referred to the comments made by Brett Anderson a few weeks where he described the 90's genre 'Britpop' as 'laddish, distateful, misogynistic, nationalistic cartoon

Liam said: "What I’m saying is, I think he’s wrong, but I never paid too much attention to him — we were on another level, and all that shit was going on around us. But we were going in a different direction. We were more classic; d’ya know what I mean? With Britpop, there were lots and lots of music, lots of bands, and some nice songs. And some good bands, too. But the whole fucking scene was just a load of fucking idiots in fucking Camden, as far as I’m concerned. Menswear. Where are they today? All them fucking city bands. There were some good tunes and some solitary decent bands. But there was no real fucking shit. " and added "The only bands that were making decent albums were us and The Verve, and that’s the end of it. People will go on and on about Blur, but that’s not for me. Nobody else even came close to The Verve, in my opinion."

Liam Gallagher also talked about his favourite show these days 'Peaky Blinders'. 'We’re watching Peaky Blinders at the moment. And we’re addicted to that. But I like to watch the news, man. Whether it’s depressing or not, I like to keep my eye on it. So I like to have one TV in the house tuned to the news, just in case.'

Do you agree with Liam? Did any band come close to The Verve?

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