Liam Gallagher on rumours of brother Noel joining him at Knebworth
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NOEL GALLAGHER, WHOSE CAREER thrives on a slightly more modest level, is also on tour during June. He does not have anything pencilled in on that first Knebworth date; his tour starts in Margate on June 8. Oasis fan message boards are alive with rumour… 

Will brother Noel join Liam Gallagher on stage? 

In an interview with Mojo, Liam Gallagher was asked if brother Noel would join him in June.

‘No’ snorts Liam’Noel won’t join us. It’s mad people even think that. Wishful thinking. It’s not Spinal Tap, mate. He’ll be hiding away trying to convince himself that playing to 2,000  people in Scunthorpe is somehow more attractive than playing to 80,000 people in Knebworth. He had his chance.’

“It goes to show it’s not all about the people who write the songs. Sometimes, it’s about personalities and characters. The voice. People give the singer shit: ‘He didn’t write the songs, the other one is the talent, the brains in the band…’ Maybe I’m the soul. I’m the one who put it in the back of the net. Scoring a goal is the hardest part of the game, isn’t it?"

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