Liam Gallagher on playing Oasis songs
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In an interview with Herald Sun, Liam Gallagher explains why he's enjoying pissing his brother Noel off by playing multiple Oasis songs in his live shows.

Liam was asked if playing so many songs Noel wrote in his solo career was surely a nice way of paying respect to his songwriting talent? to which Liam replied,

"It’s paying respect to a great band. Noel’s in the paper saying ‘Liam’s doing my songs’. Last time I looked Oasis was a band. It’s not like I’m going out there singing his f---ing solo songs. He wrote them while he was in Oasis, he wrote them for Oasis, it just so happens - whether he likes it or not - that I was the frontman of Oasis. And I sang them f---ing songs. So I’ll do them forever. I’m glad it pisses him off. He was saying I had to sign a release form to sing them. I’ll sign nish mate. He’s just being a dickhead. As long as it’s pissing him off that’ll do me." and added "I love playing Oasis' songs. I love I’m Outta Time. Obviously we do Rock and Roll Star and Morning Glory, they’re the ones that get the party started. You know how the night’s going to be. Then we delve into some of As You Were and bring it back with Slide Away, Rockin’ Chair, Some Might Say, Supersonic. Be Here Now I love doing, I’ve always loved that song. Obviously Cigarettes and Alcohol, Live Forever, Wonderwall. They pick themselves really. They’re classic songs and I love singing them. It’d be hard not to do them."

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