Liam Gallagher on Oasis interviews
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In an issue for Q Magazine legends, Liam Gallagher offered a special welcome ... and talked about Oasis interviews and why magazines should feature him especially and his brother Noel.

'Why are you doing a special magazine about us?' A better question would be: 'Why wouldn't you be doing a special mag about us?' We're the best at interviews, we're the best at photos, we're the best at talking shit. There's nobody better.I've never spent much time looking at magazines but even i know that, without us, magazines are really boring. From the very first interview we've done until the last one I've done, we're the best. Even Noel's good at it. He's not as funny as me, and he's nowhere near as good-looking as me, but he's in second place."

Below you can watch an old interview I did with Noel Gallagher. The Gallaghers are funny and their interviews are great too.

Source Q Magazine

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