Liam Gallagher on guitar bands, his new album, Albarn and more
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In an interview with Dave Fanning, Liam Gallagher talked about his comeback, guitar music and more:

'I'm glad to be back doing my day job, doing what I do instead of sitting at home" and added on guitar bands "I can't tell the difference between guitar bands and pop bands. They've got guitar around their necks but I don't hear any guitars.They've got their guitars round their necks because they go with their shoes. There's no aggro and that's what I'm here for, a bit of aggro, a bit of Pistols."

Finally, Liam Gallagher said: "Bands are afraid to open their mouths in case their little career falls apart. They've got nothing to say. C'mon! Give us a bit of passion!"

Liam Gallagher also said on Damon Albarn: "I don't give a f### about Damon Albarn.I'm not bothered. If they sit there and mention me in their interviews; him and Noel I am gonna retaliate, you know? They were the ones who mentioned me."

Hear the interview below. 

Liam Gallagher: "I'm a working class hero not a traitor."

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