Liam Gallagher, Liam Fray and Tim Burgess on their favourite Paul Weller song
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Q Magazine asked Liam Gallagher , Liam Fray and Tim Burgess among others to nominate their favourite track written over the last four decades by the greatest songwriter of his generation, be it by The Jam, The Style Council, or as a solo artist. 

Liam Gallagher on Paul Weller.

“I like that new one that he did, The Ballad Of Jimmy McCabe. I fucking loved that. I love it when he’sacoustic. But overall my favourite tune of his is the one that I sang years ago, Carnation [recorded withSteve Cradock, for 1999 The Jam covers album Fire And Skill]. It’s a bit fucking naughty that song. ‘If you gave me a fresh carnation…’ I get a bit of Sympathy For The Devil from it. It’s a bit sinister, y’know what I mean? It’s a bit moody.”

Liam Fray on his favourite Weller song. (Burning Sky | Demo)

“The Jam were the first band that I got everything by. It’s quite strange doing that when you weren’t around for them coming up. Setting Sons was the first album I bought and after that it was [B-sides and rarities compilation]The Jam: Extras and it’s the version of it on there. Oh my God, every time I hear it I almost have a tear in my eye. It’s just so beautiful. I love that there’s a couple of little mistakes in it; it sounds like he’s recorded it in his bedroom, but there’s so much passion there. It became quite pertinent when we were on the road. He was talking about leaving his friends behind, everyone has gone and grown up and they don’t see their school friends any more. It’s such a beautiful way of putting it – we have different values now the rent must be paid. That’s fucking brilliant. It was everyday life but it was done in such a way that you felt, ‘That’s my life and he’s making it sound exciting.’ If you can make people feel that way, fucking hell,what a tool.”

Tim Burgess on Weller.

“A favourite Weller song? Now that is an ask. It’s pretty hard to even pin down a favourite decade of Weller’s music, but I’ll go for Headstart For Happiness by The Style Council. Headstart… is such a positive song and I had just turned 16 and life was just getting started for me. I can’t lie, I definitely walked down the street singing this and clicking my fingers in time – there may have even been a spin if nobody was looking.”

What is YOUR favourite Weller song? Let us know!!!

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Source: Q

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