Liam Gallagher: "I'm not desperate to reform Oasis"
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In an interview with the Toronto sun, Liam Gallagher said Oasis should have never split up and revealed when it was the last time he saw brother Noel. He says the reunion will happen but he isn't desperate to reform Oasis either.

“I ain’t f---ing desperate man to reform Oasis. I’m in the studio doing a f---ing solo record. Now that’s going to be great. And we’ll be rocking and we’ll be doing a tour and all that of course. I’ve had my three years where it could have happened (following the breakup of Beady Eye). But obviously Noel was doing his thing (with High Flying Birds), so if it does happen, it’ll have to wait. I don’t think we should have ever split up in the first place." and added "Listen man, we’re not competitive against each other. We just don’t take s--- off each other. I didn’t want to be Noel, and Noel didn’t want to be me. The reason why Oasis split up is because one of them turned into a massive d---head, started doing s--- that was not cool, sacking people. Well we’ve been over this a million times. But it’s not because of our competitiveness, you know what I mean? It’s because of one of them turned into a massive c--- and still is. And that’s why the band’s over... this band could have gone on a lot longer."

Then regarding the last time he met Noel, Liam said: "I think it was a football match in 2013 or ‘14. A (Manchester) City match and he was in one box and I was in another box. And I was in one floor and he was in the floor below me. And I went into see him and I pinched his nipple and kissed him on the ear. I don’t think we spoke. I think he pulled one of his faces like he’s sucking a f---ing lemon."


Source: Toronto Sun