Liam Gallagher crowned Godlike Genius
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 Liam Gallagher’s three decade career in music was honoured on Wednesday evening as he collected the coveted Godlike Genius accolade at the annual NME Awards.

Liam, who sported his favourite anorak, dedicated the award to his past and present songwriters and also to the ‘parks monkeys’. 'Gotta be Noel,' he said. 'I’m being serious. You’re laughing, but he’s worse than Kim-Jun f*****g Tung or whatever he’s called. 'And he’s worse than Donald Trump. He’s the biggest liar and biggest faker in the business, so yeah, him. He’s worse than Piers Morgan as well.' 

He continued: 'Me and my brother made some good music. And I guess the attitude was just as important as the music.'  

In other news, Liam Gallagher attempted to reform the original line-up of OasisLiam Gallagher attempted to reform the original line-up of Oasis

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Source: NME/dailymail

PH: Bazza Mills