The two-day major music festival, taking place in Buenos Aires at The Hipódromo de San Isidro for its 2nd consecutive year, included on its bill this year some...
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Kasabian rock Argentina.

The two-day major music festival, taking place in Buenos Aires at The Hipódromo de San Isidro for its 2nd consecutive year, included on its bill this year some big British names as Robert Plant, Kasabian among others performing between Saturday and Sunday. 

But let me first tell you a bit about the Hipodromo de San Isidro, the place where Lollapalooza Argentina took place once again. The Hipódromo de San Isidro is a horse racing track located in San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was opened in 1935 and it is one of the largest in the Americas. The covered surface of this place is huge and allows for an attendance of about 100,000 people (don't think it was that crowded, though) So just imagine the size of the place but well probably the right place for a Festival the size of Lollapalooza, boasting more than 50 live acts during two days. The only drawback is that it is located 22 km from Buenos Aires City and getting there can be a painful experience. In fact, getting back (if you staying in the centre) can be an absolute nightmare even if you get there by car. But at the end of the day, it was worth it.

I got together with some of my mates in Buenos Aires and after having a few beers, off we went to see the Lestah boys ... Kasabian. There were several other artists but it was Kasabian the ones we were really dying to see. I'd seen Kasabian only once and that was ages ago. I knew in a way that this would be one of those unforgettable gigs; especially because this would mark the bands first live shows in the capital after cancelling their tour back in 2012...and let me tell you, the band led by Meighan and Pizzorno did not disappoint the Lollapalooza crowd in Argentina at all.

Since I heard their first tune years ago, I knew there was something special about them but ... Oh Kasabian you are so damned good live, so damned good.

The band, as you may know burst onto the scene almost a decade ago with their self-titled debut album Kasabian and since then they have released five solid albums, each with their own twist, from the widely acclaimed West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum to their critically acclaimed award winning 48:13. Although there are times they are criticised for delivering the so called lad rock, it cannot be denied that the Leicester band are probably one of the best live acts on the planet these days without a doubt. They are performers and you can see they are really enjoying it.

The wait for one of their gigs in Buenos Aires was far too long and the excitement was obviously tangible. Fans were excited to see the band land in Argentina for the first time as they had cancelled their show back in 2012. As I had a look around, guess the main difference between the crowd in Argentina and England is that in Buenos Aires the band did not bring in the football 'ooligans chanting and chucking beer but just several groups of young lads some no more than 20 years old, others in their early 20s and some older as well hoping to see that band that shared the stage with Oasis once at Heaton Park during those memorable sold-out gigs in 2009. In fact, I could spot some Oasis tees during their show. 

But let's get to their set at Lollapalooza then, the mighty Kasabian take to the stage a little after 7pm 7.15 to be precise with the track "Shiva-Bumblebeee" taken from their critically acclaimed studio album "4813". Tom centre stage and Serge standing on his right. Dressed in black . The word ‘bumble’ does not appear this time on the  hot pink screen which is a landmark of Kasabians gigs these days, but just the numbers 48:13 . The evening couldn't start any better. It was an amazing start which is basically how you kick off a gig right?, making the crowd immediately jump and sing in unison. Time to stop for a while for Meighan before the second song to shout"HELLO ARGENTINA HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU?"

It was a Festival appearance so the so called crowd pleasers were there of course, old Kasabian classics such as ‘Shoot the Runner’ (the first one to be played), followed by ‘Underdog’ and ‘Days Are Forgotten’ (from Velociraptor) all causing the crowd to keep the momentum set by the explosive opening track ‘Bumblebee’ .Tom talks to the crowd again "Ok Argentina let me see your fuckin hands!". For me personally, the real gems were from the band’s debut album which saw its release almost ten years ago; songs such as "Club Foot" "LSF" really stole the show.

Just let me put in the picture, first time the band land in Argentine soil, first time the crowd can hear live those old classic tunes. It was amazing; a bit of a musical bliss, I'd say. Just loved it and so did my friends and the crowd present at Lollapalooza. Must admit I would have loved to hear "Processed Beats" as it was the first Kasabian tune I heard almost 10 years ago and honestly, it would have brought back great memories.

It's incredible really but performing live seems to be in their genes, Tom and Serge are in complete control of the crowd it's as if they had the crowd in the palms of their hands asking them to put their hands in the air and so on. After 50 minutes and with the crowd demanding more, the band start playing their last tunes, "Vlad the Impaler" from "West Ryder". It was then that Serge said "I wanna see every fuckin' one of you, no fuckin' excuses. I'm coming with you" for a moment I thought Serge would jump off the stage and join the moshpit at the front. People just went absolutely mental.

After "Vlad the Impaler" they rested a bit and Tom said "Argentina that's how we do fuckin business. We have to say goodbye. Last song. You know what fuckin song it is ... and the band started playing their epic Premier League anthem "Fire". The chorus starts and everybody starts jumping into the air yelling “I’m on fiiiiire!”  What an amazing sight to watch in the distance, all these hands in the air. Tom and Serge look at each other. Serge is like saying "Yeah we did it again!"

As the rest of the band leave the stage, Meighan stays to sing the chorus line from ‘All You Need is Love’ by The Beatles a capella. What a way to finish a gig...the only disappointment is the lack of encore this time, more's the pity.

It had been a long wait but it was worth every minute of it. The Lestah lads know how to rock. They came, they conquered and they left simple as that. See you next time Kasabian and hope it is soon!


Kasabian played 

1. Shiva -bumblebeee

2. Shoot the Runner

3. Underdog

4. Days Are Forgotten

5. eez-eh

6. Club Foot

7. Re‐Wired

8. Treat

9. Switchblade Smiles 

10. Empire

11. Praise You (de Fatboy Slim) / L.S.F.

12. Stevie

13. Vlad the Impaler

14. Fire

TXT: Daniel Rodriguez