In an interview with Q Magazine
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In an interview with Q Magazine, Kasabian revealed they are working on their new LP and also the main influences behind their new work.

Serge Pizzorno says: "I never wanted to make albums for patios, know what I mean? You hear some bands and they're making albums for wet rooms." Serge insists that he was inspired by John Lennon's chair: "I heard this John Lennon interview and he talked about the chair. He said what rock n roll is, it's just a chair and the Beatles' version of rock n roll was their chair and I thought "I want to make my version of the chair."

Serge says key influences were Fun House by The Stooges, Public Enemy, Springsteen and Claudio Ranieri.

According to Q magazine, the album will be out in autumn 2016.

Song titles mentioned during the interview were:

You’re In Love With A Psycho
Comeback Kid
Put Your Life On It
Good Fight
All Through The Night

Watch Kasabian play new song  below

PH: Aitor Throup 

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