In an exclusive interview with Reverend and the Makers' frontman Jon McClure...
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In an exclusive interview with Reverend and the Makers' frontman Jon McClure, the 'reverend' talked about the return of the Libertines and he compared the band fronted by Doherty and Barat with former football star, Maradona.

"I'm very pleased about that. Carl Barat is a very good friend of mine. We made some music togetherThe guy who manages The Libertines, he is my manager as well. I got Carl and The Libertines with my manager because Carl was being managed by someone else and I suggested he should be managed by my guy because I knew he'd look after him and they put the band back together."

And regarding their new album 'Anthems For Doomed Youth', McClure said: "I heard their new album and it sounds really, really good. I think it's important to have them round again" and added "In the time The Libertines have not been together, music has become a little bit boring.  A lot of people are working in an office or a place like that. And I think the Libertines carried the true spirit of rock n roll.The Libertines are like Maradona. They have that rebel spirit and to me that's the point of rock n roll. The other thing about The Libertines is that they are like the Beatles they are better when they are together. Sometimes I feel they are not that good apart."

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