In an interview with Yorkshire Post, John Lydon has described the Sex Pistols
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In an interview with Yorkshire Post, John Lydon has described the Sex Pistols as an “amazing coming together of a group of individuals who instantly didn’t like each other but somehow managed to make that work for the best”. The conflict drove The Pistols to create angry, outspoken music that shocked the British establishment.

“You’ve got to realise at the time the conflict was everywhere, in all things,” Lydon says. “There were massive strikes, unemployment, riots, dirt everywhere and so there it was and we landed luckily in the middle of that calamity and tried to make some sense out of it – and I thought we did a good job.”

Punk’s 40th anniversary has prompted a steady stream of nostalgia. “I’m glad it’s annoying all the right people,” Lydon says.

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