John Lydon on the lyricists who inspired him
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In an interview with Gigwise, John Lydon talked about those who inspired him and if their work holds up with the passing of time.

I always loved Ray Davies of The Kinks. Those songs are just do damned intelligent and those lyrics stand up as poetry on their own. But I’ve also got to say, not Bob Dylan because that
song ‘Blowing In The Wind’ always sounded like it was about farting. And I love ‘Gone Blue’ by Edgar Broughton Band which has a killer line in it:

A lot of what I love lyrically is drawn from British comedy, like ‘Steptoe And Son’ and the ‘Carry On’s and all of that. They were a terrific influence because watching those films I found myself (after suffering from meningitis) and my memory started coming back.  Norman Wisdom had an incredibly positive effect on me. He did this incredible comedy but there was a sadness to it; real pathos. And ‘Steptoe And Son’ is probably the greatest thing I’ve seen. Two people arguing in a room full of trash – how could you get bored because the dialogue was so intense? And it’s handled so wonderfully because they endured. They endured each other. There’s a lesson to be learnt from that. You know, how to survive a situation; to let it run its course and not to run away.

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Source:  gigwise

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