John Lydon on PIL reissues and record labels
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In an interview with musicweek, John Lydon talked about PIL reissues and record labels.

Regarding the reissues, Lydon said they serve as an ideal opportunity to introduce PiL newcomers to two very different sides of a band constantly looking to reinvent itself.

“I still play a lot of that stuff live; they are still part of my heart and soul so, for me, it’s a move very much in the right direction, People need to hear this stuff. It’s a shame we don’t have musical libraries where you don’t have to buy it."

Regarding record labels, Lydon said: "Record labels  end up signing bands that are trying to go in a similar vein to us, and I see this year in, year out.  We’ve been physically blocked from day one. I had the same attitude with the Pistols from labels. I’ve never been comfortable in the music industry, and it’s never done me any good either. It’s never defended me or backed me when I needed it. It let the press have a free hand and that free hand very quickly turned from shock to spite. But I endured and I’m still here in spite of all that.”

Somewhat surprisingly, given his fractious relationship with labels, he fondly describes his experience of working with Universal on the upcoming PiL reissues as one of the best in his career. “They were happy to do it and came up with the original suggestion, so yippee,” he explains. “Universal are an odd bunch but there’s some good people there. It’s been one of the most positive relationships I’ve had with a record label. Record companies can be very fine institutions; it all depends on how headless the chicken at the top is.”

Both albums Metal Box and Album have been the subject of a substantial reissue.  Each will be released in new four-CD and four-LP versions.

The CD sets will be released on December 9, followed by the vinyl releases on December 16. Both are released by Universal. 


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PH: Pablo Astudillo