In an interview with Lincolnshire Echo, John Lydon
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In an interview with Lincolnshire Echo, John Lydon talked about his band PIL and what his main aims are these days.

"We are now totally aimless. With the last two albums we are open more now to humour and joy and the other side of humanity, I'm now able to explore. There was too much constant pressure before and demands. They are pulling you apart financially and your energies."

"I want to choose to do what I believe, as right is right." and added "We have such a huge catalogue. We usually can tell by the vibe what we should be doing and not doing. We improvise and shape-shift the set and feed off the energy."

"We pick these venues because they have great atmosphere. And don't play anywhere unless I could effectively touch the audience and see into people's eyes, I decide everything through that."