John Lydon on Eurovision and Morrissey
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In an interview with The Irish Sum, John Lydon, whose parents are Irish, believes his rebellious spirit comes from his heritage has vowed to turn the Eurovision “upside down”
if he is given the chance to represent Ireland.

“I feel very Irish. I suppose I could wear a suit made from a tricolour. But only if it suits me. I feel Irish. I didn’t chose a singing career. It choose me.“I know if I did end up representing Ireland, it would bring some of the haters out, which I would love because I thrive on that sort of negativity.”

RTE insiders say that no decision will be made on Ireland’s Eurovision entry until after Christmas. But the PIL star fears that much worse could come from the English/Irish diaspora in the future.

He warned: “Morrissey. That’s all I’ll say. Morrissey out in Eurovision for Ireland could be very depressing and full of self-pity. I on the other hand with my band, make music that is all about celebrating life.”

One RTE insider said they feared Lydon could end up screaming into a microphone in Lisbon with most viewers and judges wondering who he was.

But Lydon said: “They’re wrong you know. At 61, I’m about the same age as the men on juries voting.” And Lydon ended the interview with a reference to healing the British-Irish friction from the Brexit negotiations.

He said: “Ireland, England, England, Ireland, I am one of your own and now together,we can have our ‘Euro-Vision’. Lets show the world how it’s done. Peace.”

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