Irvine Welsh: "Trainspotting might get a spin-off series"
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Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh has hinted that there could be more spin-offs forthcoming.

The first trailer for Trainspotting 2 was released last week and Welsh has told NME that the film sequel will be better than the original. Welsh published Skagboys in 2012, a prequel to Trainspotting and Porno. This year, he published The Blade Artist, which focuses on Trainspotting character Begbie.

In an interview with NME, Welsh discussed whether people could expect any further adaptations involving the Trainspotting characters: “Basically, I’ve plans for them all. All in various kind of schedules or adaptations.” “It’s all ruling on cable TV, cable TV has some interesting developments,”  he added. “We’re working on all these different kind of things.” and added “I think now anybody who’s in the book, whether the like it or not, they’re working on the way of being in the film. You keep that in mind. As soon as you’ve written it, you’re thinking about how it can move into different mediums.”


via: NME