Irvine Welsh on the soundtrack of Trainspotting 2
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In an interview with gigwise, Irvine Welsh discussed the soundtrack of Trainspotting 2 and said:

"We got lots of submissions for the film and we're just putting it together now. Sometimes you get great tracks but they don't go with it. The one I hope works for the soundtrack is Young Fathers you know they're Edinburgh. They've created their own genre."

Given his evidently sharp music taste in backing Young Fathers, when asked if there was any lyricists in music that have inspired his novels, Welsh said: "Nick Cave, Lou Reed - people that tell narrative, they tell stories in their songs."

Then when asked about the most significant albums from his childhood until now, Welsh said:  "It's always first love, so It's Ziggy Stardust to The Velvet Underground and Nico first album. Probably Iggy Pop's Avenue B. The first Young Fathers album." Your life is always signposted by the music you listen to."

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