Ian Brown Ten of His Best Solo songs
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As Ian Brown gets ready to release his seventh studio album 'Ripples' I took some time to list my 10 favourite Ian Brown solo tracks.

I guess that if you've been following my work on the site and on my social media platforms you already know that I'm a huge Stone Roses fan but I'm a huge fan of Ian's solo work as well. I remember when his first single 'My Star' came out. Just loved the moment I first heard it then I remember one day on my way back home in London. I remember turning on the telly and there he was; Ian Brown on Top of the Pops playing 'My Star'. It was the one of the 'infamous'egg chucking incident. I remember there was a Swedish guy in the same house and he went 'Who's that one?' and I was like 'That's the legend Ian Brown' and he replied 'Who???' and I was like 'You and your f##### Abba mate ... start listening to some proper music. How long you've been here for?' and we both laughed. 

That was way back in 98 after the release of 'Be Here Now' and after  the wonderful 'Urban Hymns' the 90's glory was about to end and the days of the CD's and LP's were soon gonna be over. Now 20 years after that first debut single, he is about  to release 'Ripples'; his first solo album in ten years. Funny thing though is I met Ian during the adidas Sole Searching documentary in Buenos Aires  when I collaborated with Ian Brown and Gary Aspden and his team in Carlos Ruiz shop. Ian is one of the best guys I ever met. I chatted with him some time ago and told him about watching him that day on TOTP and meeting him like 20 years later and he went 'You should've called Daniel' and laughed but well what a small world this is right?. Meeting one of your heroes after listening to his records, watching him on TOTP and then spending time with him, having some coffee and icecream in a place like ten thousand miles away from that old house I used to live in.

But well the main man is just about to release his new solo album in ten years. So here's my 10 favourite Ian Brown tracks

You can get RIPPLES HERE

1. My Star

2. Corpses in their Mouths

3. See the Dawn

4. El Mundo Pequeno

5. F.E.A.R

6. Time is My Everything

7. Reign

8. All Ablaze

9. Stellify

10. First World Problems