Highlights of the Year: We visit Carlos Ruiz shop with Noel Gallagher
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At the beginning of 2016 and ,while Noel Gallagher was in Buenos Aires, we took former Oasis guitarist to this vintage adidas shop in Mataderos owned by my friend Carlos Ruiz.

I remember telling Carlos: "Listen Carlos, we might visit the shop with someone famous but I can't tell you who it is right now. Just make sure the shop is open on Friday and I'll let you know as soon as I know anything." Carlos kept asking me who it was and went : "Who is it? Is it a footballer? is it a musician? is it Obama?' After the sole searching documentary, Carlos Ruiz shop has become one of the most sacred shrines for adidas collectors around the world and Noel Gallagher is one of those who is very passionate about the three stripes.

Below you can have a look at a few exclusive photos taken that day by our team during Noel Gallagher's and Russel Pritchard's visit to the store.

(Special thanks to my friend Gary Aspden).









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