Exclusive Richard Ashcroft: "We will have a renaissance musically and artistically at some point."
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In an exclusive interview with Richard Ashcroft ahead of his first South American tour, we asked former The Verve frontman if he thought we would ever see great bands topping the charts again as when Urban Hymns came out.

"Something has radically changed in the business. It's not like when everything was still analog or there was a thing to have or a product to buy. You can look at the industry and compare it to the 60s or to the 80s when CDs came out. I don't think anyone in the industry can understand where everything is going to end up." and added 

"For me, I agree with what Thom Yorke said the other day 'I'm concentrating on making a beautiful blue album version, heavy weight pressing, vinyl and CD and just get on with it because there are people out there who still enjoy that. What may not happen again is that alternative thing being successful at the same time again purely because that whole idea has been consumed. What you see as alternative is packaged in a way that will function. They are not like Kurt Cobain, or Oasis or The Verve. These guys these days can be there for a thousand interviews and there'll be no single piece of controversy or one piece of anything really. However, I still believe everything has its cycle and we will reach a cycle soon. I do think we will have a renaissance musically and artistically at some point."

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Richard Ashcroft will play Chile 20/10 and Argentina 22/10 and 24/10


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