Exclusive Interview with Gary Aspden
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Born in Darwen, Lancashire, Gary Aspden has become one of the most influential people in sneakers around the world and probably one of the most knowlegeable men in the adidas world. He started back in the 90s working for adidas where he met some of the most important artists around the world.

In an exclusive interview with Noel Gallagher a few months ago, he told us: "I met Gary (Aspden) almost 20 years ago when he was the middleman between the company and celebrities, rock stars." 

Over the last few years, Gary Aspden has taken a modern take on the brand's amazing history and has created the so called 'Spezial' range which is one of the most exclusive sportswear collections around the world.

Very few people are so passionate about adidas as Gary is, so we asked legendary Stone Roses frontam, Ian Brown to tell us a bit about his good friend Gary Aspden and his new A/W 16 spezial collection.

"It's great to see Gary try his hand at designing clothes. In my opinion, his Spezial range is the best clothes range Adidas have ever made. Gary's attention to detail and choice of fabrics/styles make him a great designer. Really Adidas couldn't have chosen anyone more passionate to design the Spezial range" and added "Gary is Adidas number 1 fan and on a scale of 1 to 10 of passion for the brand, I would put Gary at 99!! Long may his deserved success continue!!" and finally on his favorite item on the collection, Ian said: "My favorite item of the new range is the black Spezial tracksuit of which only 2 were made one for me and one for him!!!".

KB: The first thing I'd like to ask you Gary is how your personal style or the way you dress, has changed over the past 20 years.

Gary Aspden: My personal style? I guess my taste in clothes and trainers was established during my teenage years and that is the foundation of how I dress. When I see pics of me from 20 years ago my style wasn't dramatically different although my clothes were on the whole a bit looser and baggier. As I get older my clothes are a bit more understated but I go for better quality. I have worn crew neck sweaters since I was a teenager but where they were once from Marks and Spencer they are now from Loro Piana. I love Stone Island but have to be more selective in the pieces I buy and rarely wear the patch on the sleeve. CP Company continue to make some good product but i'd rather not wear anything with a goggle lens on it. I still like to wear tracksuits on occasion (Sunday afternoons/long distance flights) in spite of the classists in the media who are critical of that.

KB: When I did the interview with Noel Gallagher, I asked him about you and he just couldn't stop complimenting your work. How did that make you feel?

GA: I am happy when anyone compliments my work but it's nice coming from Noel as he has supported what I do from the beginning. He has loaned shoes from his collection to the Spezial exhibitions and also for me to use as a design reference for the Spezial range. He very kindly agreed to do a photo wearing the Haslingden jacket in the second season as a favour and described the Albrecht SPZL as one of his all time favourite pieces of adidas footwear.

KB: Speaking of rockstars and celebrities, Whose collection is really really sick? Ian Brown's, Noel Gallagher's, Robert Brooks' or ... Carlos Ruiz'?

GA: If I could take any of those people's collections for myself it would be Robert Brooks. He is the same size as me and pretty much only buys vintage shoes that are in impeccable condition - and his taste is very similar to mine. Ian has tons of trainers but is not a collector - he isn't precious about them and as far as I am aware there is nothing he owns that he wouldn't wear. Noel's collection is like a bottomless pit - he has a few lock ups where he stores clothes/records/shoes/art/books/etc so i have never seen the full extent of his adidas collection. He has small feet and has been all over the world for the past two decades so has always been well positioned for finding good vintage shoes. I love how both Ian and Noel still get excited about a nice pair of trainers regardless of how successful or wealthy they become. 

As for Carlos, he is not a collector in the traditional sense - his motivations are quite different to the other three people you have mentioned. I will always be grateful to him for the way he trusted us and invited us into his life. 

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