Exclusive Interview | The Libertines on new songs, Noel Gallagher, Oasis, tour and more
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KB: During the making of this record there were rumours Noel Gallagher wanted to produce the album that never materialised but would you and Peter like to do something with him one day?

CB: Yes, we'd like to do something with Noel. I suppose it was hard for him because we were recording in Thailand at the time. We love and respect Noel and we'd like to do something with him one day if he wants to.

KB: What did Oasis mean to you when you growing up Carl?

CB: Oasis meant a lot to me. That's why I respect Noel and Oasis so much like I do because they were literally an Oasis in the middle of a lot of crap at the time. Oasis had this old school, rock n roll attitude which was great really. They were very inspiring. They were a very important band in my life for sure.

KB: Peter just announced his new solo album, have you heard it yet' What do you think of it?

CB: I heard Pete's new album and it's lovely. It's got a few of the old songs there's old stuff and new stuff but it's very Peter you know. It's great to see how different we are at times too. John Hassal has just released a new album and we are all very different and it's very interesting to see that. I think Pete's album is great and wish him the best of luck with it. I love Pete.

KB: How’s your relationship with Pete these days? Is it better than ever considering where you both have your own projects running at the same time?

CB: I guess the thing is at times it's good to work separately in order to breathe. That's probably something we didn't really realise before but we are a bit older now we were probably a bit jelaous of each other before but the relationship is really good now.

KB: Speaking of albums,do you have plans to release another album with the Jackals soon?

CB: Yes definitely. I'm going to start writing new songs this year actually next month. It's very exciting really. And we are happy to tour and move on really.

KB: Going back to the Libertines, how has it been to tour and play the new songs live?

CB: It's incredible really to tour and play the new songs. It's like the new songs have been there for a long time really.It's as if the new songs had validated us and our work in a way. The music has had a lot support from everyone too.

KB: Carl your upcoming film For This Is My Body premieres this november, did you always want to become an actor? and is there anyone you'd like to play?

CB: Yes, but I never wanted it to be my career. However, I'd like to get involved in acting a bit more now. I had a great time making the film. So I hope I can do more soon. I'd like to play the James Bond baddie actually.

KB: In a scale of 1 to 10 Carl how happy would you say you are these days ?

CB: I would give myself an 8 these days probably before I would have given me a four or a three but today I'd give myself an 8 which is very good actually.

KB: We usually ask those we interview one last question and that is: If you bumped into little Carl down the streets
of London, what advice would you give him?

CB: I'd probably say ...'Don't listen to me'.Not really I guess I would say to him 'stay strong, don't be afraid of today'. Probably say what Gandhi said once something like 'there's only two days we can't do anything about, yesterday and tomorrow.' So I'd say to him 'Don't be afraid of today' as today can be an important day.

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