Damon Minchella and why he turned down an offer to join Oasis
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In an exclusive interview with Damon Minchella, we asked former Ocean Colour Scene bassist about turning down Oasis and he said:

"Well ... Yes. When Guigsy left the band, Noel asked me to join. We were doing ... well (he explains) Liam Gallagher and Steve Cradock had done that Carnation thing so we were travelling to TOTP together, and they asked me then to join the band but I was told I could not continue with Paul Weller or Ocean Colour Scene of course.  I was doing something else with Weller and OCS and I was happy tthere so my wife at the time also advised me not to do it. So I finally decided to turn their offer down. Financially, not a very good decision I suppose (Damon laughs) but spiritually probably a good thing.

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Watch the 'Carnation' video below feat Liam Gallagher, Steve Cradock, Noel Gallagher and  Paul Weller.