Damon Albarn on 'Humanz' and Noel Gallagher
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In a new interview with Channel 4, Albarn and Hewlett talked about the new Gorillaz album and what they wanted to achieve.

"There's a lot of politics in music but Record companies find it hard to make money out of music so they are less inclined to sign young artists who may be controversial." Albarn said.

Hewlett then said: "So you have to be careful how you are critical. You have to be more subtle and people are more likely to turn up."

When asked about the song that best captures what they were ttrying to achieve, Albarn said:"The song that best captures what we are trying to achieve is 'Hallelujah Money'. The only way forward is to try to understand each other and not be divisive." sentenced Albarn and added on Noel Gallagher "We have this ridiculous shared history and coming together and singing this song was great".

In other news, Noel Gallagher reveals release date of studio album.


Watch the interview below.

Source: Channel 4