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The Modfather never stops and his 16th solo set will be out this May 14, just a few months after he released 'On Sunset'.

“Cosmic Fringes” is a precursor of the experimentation that fans can expect with Fat Pop (Volume 1), with each track possessing a potent individuality.

Regarding the writing of the new album during lockdown, Paul Weller said: "Being in lockdown did not affect the way I wrote the album at all, all it did was allow me a lot of free time to finish a lot things I had but I don't think it actually affected the record. The songs are just 12 very straightforward pop songs on the album.' and added 'It's scary that it's been so long since we last played live."

Weller also said said the Pet Shop Shop have done a great remix of his new track. "We've got a great remix done by the Pet Shop Boys which is coming out at some point."


Watch his latest video below

Source BBC