In an exclusive interview with All Mod Icon
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In an exclusive interview with All Mod Icon, Andy Crofts and Ben Gordelier talked about working with Paul Weller:

Andy Crofts said:  "I love contributing to Paul's songs, and what I love more is the freedom that he gives me. I feel honoured that he trusts me to just have a go with my ideas. And never did I think that this would ever happen, especially when I was a kid with a Jam poster on my wall".

Ben Gordelier also talked about working with the Modfather: "On some of the songs, Stan had groove ideas and on some I was given free-reign to do what I thought would work. paul is open to any ideas from anyone that is around at the time. I have never recorded a bunch of keys till 'Satturns Pattern!"

To read the full interview, visit this LINK to get your copy of the wonderfull All Mod Icon magazine; a must for all music lovers.


ph: Bazza Mills