The BEADY EYE guitarist reveals all about the band's difficult summer and rumours of a possible reformation for RIDE ahead of their Dublin gigs.
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The BEADY EYE guitarist reveals all about the band's difficult summer and rumours of a possible reformation for RIDE ahead of their Dublin gigs.

ANDY BELL for one is glad to be back concentrating on the music.

He said:    “Yesterday was his first day and he is actually very heartwarming thing to see the guy playing his guitar again.He’s really missed it and we have missed him playing and rehearsing. It’s briolliant to have him back, it has been a weird summer, you know?”

“I have never had someone close to me to go through head trauma and  a broken leg too - you learn a lot because you are constantly asking questions and finding out the progress. You become like a  mini doctor or something.

Some of ANDY’S fans might be a bit disappointed to hear that as the regular rumours of a Ride reunion have not yet proved fruitful.

But he insists that some day he and MARK GARDENERSTEVE QUERALT and LOZ TOLBERT will reform - not just now though.

ANDY said: “It’s not something I am planning to do in the next while because I like to do one thing at a time. That’s how I work as a person - I kind of do one thing and move onto the next when its done.”

In fact, the RIDE lads do go for the odd pint together as everything that happened way back when is water under the bridge.

ANDY said: “We are all pals - the argument that broke the band up, if you compare that to an Oasis scale it’s like  they had three of them a day! But that was a different time, a whole lifetime ago and all those disagreements are all patched up now.

“They are all my oldest friends, me, Mark and Steve were all at school together. I met Mark when he was 12 or 13 in the playground when he was body-popping on a bit of lino. I was really small kid with glasses and a guitar.

So does this apply to Noel Gallagher too then?

Andy said: “It definitely applies to Noel - I’ve got a lot of affection for the guy, he is so talented and brilliant to be in a band with.

“Anything that went down between me and Noel was never anything serious. His problem was with Liam and Liam’s problem was with him. I have seen Noel since and the two of us are cool. I am completely cool with him and hopefully he is cool with me.”

Source: Irish Mirror