Andy Bell on a memorable Oasis gig
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In an interview with Q Magazine, Andy Bell discussed the last days of Oasis and he remembered the day he played River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires.

“On the last tour in 2009,” he recalls, “we played the River Plate Stadium [in Buenos Aires], and I have to admit, I do sometimes get on YouTube and sit and watch that gig, alone, with a glass of red wine. They were letting fireworks off out of the audience. Happy days!”

Any prospective Ride movie would obviously paint Bell as the Ride alumnus who got it all. But that would be to gloss over Hurricane #1,his own private Oasis, formed in 1996 with himself in the Noel-asbossman role, and then his time in Liam Gallagher’s post-Oasis group,Beady Eye. Those two bands, he sheepishly concedes, “the world wasn’t ready for – shall we put it that way?” More seriously, he concludes: “I think it’s important in life to have good and bad times. You do learn from failure.”

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Source: q magazine