Alan McGee on Oasis reunion rumours
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In an interview with CBC Music, Alan McGee was asked about the likelihood of an Oasis reunion and said:

'I don't think Oasis will reunite. No way. Knowing Noel [Gallagher] I think that's a bit pie in the sky. If you watch the movie you'll know Noel's message is that's what I did and I'm not coming back. I just don't think there's anything interesting to Noel about putting the band back together. Noel lives in a house that's worth millions. It's not money he's after and he's got all the creative and critical respect by doing it on his own. So I just don't know what he would get by [reuniting] Oasis. I'm not saying what I'm saying is a popular thing, I'm just saying they won't do it.'

In other news, McGee said The Jesus and Mary Chain are releasing a new album next year.asing a new album next year.

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