There are plenty of good bands out there, just waiting to be discovered! We've picked out 10 that have been playing for a  while ...
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Check out these 15 cool British bands you probably haven't heard of yet.

There are plenty of good bands out there, just waiting to be discovered! We've picked out 15 that have been playing for a while but do not get much radio play these days. Hope you enjoy them. 

Pretty Vicious

Right now PRETTY VICIOUS are the one of the most talked about new band in Wales and one of the most promising live acts in Britain. The band are originally from Wales and just last week they performed at Glastonbury for the first time.

The Blue Collars

The Stoke on Trent band are not new and probably most of you have heard of them but they were quiet for some time. Unfortunately, when we thought they were back, the band announced they were calling it a day. Real shame but well check them out if you havent and add them to your playlists.

The Relays

The Relays are a four piece band from Greater Manchester led by singer Adam Redmond. They are at the moment recording new songs and they say their new album is on the way. Listen to Last Night She Said.

The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys are a band from Southampton featuring Daniel Ash: Vocals/Guitar James Millar: Bass Guitar Shaun Ashley: Lead Guitar Jason Daniels: Drums Joel Doherty: Guitar/ Backing vocals/ tambourine Alex Brackley: Keys/Backing (Live/Studio). They recently supported Paul Weller during his UK tour and his date in Southampton.

The Spitfires 

The Spitfires are a brash urgent vital band from Watford. Formed in September 2012 by Billy Sullivan (vocals, guitar) and Sam Long (bass), they were soon joined by Matt Johnson (drums) spending their first two years as trio before augmenting their sound with the addition of Chris Chanell (keyboard, vocals). The band are inspired by  the likes of The Clash, The Jam, The Specials, The Smiths and Arctic Monkeys.

The Merrylees

Edinburgh-based six-piece band The Merrylees are one of Paul Weller's favourite bands these days. Check them out below.

Hidden Charms 

South London quartet Hidden Charms are also another great relatively new band. They recently featured in Pretty Green's S/S campaign 2015. Hear their song One More Night below.

The Cradles

The Cradles are a five-piece band from Cardiff. These articulate boys are impressively creating brilliant airs with definitely qualities and tones of The Smiths/Morrissey Great listen for sure. Check them out below.

Alias Kid

Alias Kid were discovered by Alan McGee. The band are from Manchester, UK, they are fronted by Maz Behdjet and Sean O’Donnell. The band mixes 60s style anthems with a mix of influences from the 70s to these days. They create a sound which may familiar but still with its own twist.

Neon Waltz

It is a five piece band from Scotland. Hear them perform Sombre Fayre below.

Wolves are a Scottish Borders and Fife fusion indie rock n roll band with both epic anthems and fan favourite sing alongs ..join the wolvepack geez a howl. They just premiered their new video 'Animal'

Exowaves are four lads who share the same passion for rock n roll. With dirty overdrive bass lines, fuzzy guitars, deep heavy caveman beats and swirling vocals with a Lydon snarl, their music will imprint a sonic assault on your senses and leave your heart drenched in the noise. This is psychedelic heroin dazed rock n roll at its most pure.

Influenced by seminal bands such as BRMC, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Sex Pistols, Primal Scream, The Doors and The Kills.

Sulk band
The group was formed in 2011 in London by Jon Sutcliffe (vocals), Tomas Kubowicz (lead guitar) and Andrew Needle (rhythm guitar). The line-up was later completed by Jakub Starzynski (bass guitar)  and Lewis Jones (drums).

Fronteers are a 4 piece band from Kingston upon Hull featuring Andy Towse - Vocals/Guitar James Taylor - Vocals/Guitar Ellis Keogh - Bass Lloyd Tuton - Drums.


Vladimir is a Scottish band hailing from Dundee. The band released their fourth single 'I Try' last month and you can have a look at their video for 'In My Head' below.