After three decades on the road, britpop icons Blur, led by charismatic frontman Damon Albarn don't have ...
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Britpop icons Blur, led by charismatic frontman Damon Albarn confirmed their greatness and brilliance at Tecnopolis in Buenos Aires last night.

Consisting mainly of their classic tunes, the set list also included tracks from their recently released album 'The Magic Whip'. The band took to the stage at about 9 pm. The place was packed. There must have been like 10,000 people last night at Tecnopolis in Buenos Aires. The tickets were obviously sold out .

Albarn greeted the audience saying 'Buenas Noches Buenos Aires!!' kicking off with 'Go Out' quickly followed by all time classic 'There's No Other Way',  track taken off their debut album Leisure released almost 25 years ago and probably their early take on the Manchester scene of the late 80s. Third song of the night was  'Lonesome Street' another track from their new album (I must admit that being an old Blur fan I was hoping to hear all the classics and I wasn't that keen on the new album at the beginning but The Magic Whip is a grower definitely). 

The band performed five tracks in all off the 'Magic Whip'; 'Go out', 'Lonesome Street', 'Ghost Ship', 'Thought I was a Spaceman'and joyous 'Ong Ong'.

Coffee and TV, released back in 1997, earns the most applause yet. People going absolutely mental after each and every classic tune the band perform; 'Beetlebum', then 'Woo Hoo'and time for the inevitable moshing to begin during 'Song 2', 'Tender' and 'Parklife' without the presence of Phil Daniels, more's the pity, were some of the highlights of the night. During 'Parklife' Albarn invited a lucky few to join him on stage to sing the song together, making the Blur's frontman even more endearing to the crowd. Regarding Albarn I feel we've got to say What an amazing artist and frontman the man is! He’s so good, so damned good. He did almost everything on stage, sang, played guitar, jumped, danced, walked on stage, talked to the crowd and went absolutely mad at times and he even said he'd injured his foot the night before in Córdoba city and it hurt a little. Fantastic really.

It is worth pointing out here that the band performed 'Caravan' track off their 'Think Tank' album and it marked the first time they played the song with Coxon. The band changed their setlist a bit as they included songs they hadn't played in other shows.

Old hits 'To The End' and 'This Is a Low', taken from 'Parklife', close the opening set before the band return to the stage for the obligatory encore ensuring all the people go home with a smile on their face. Now, if they had decided not to do the encore, that would have been just fine. Their performance was so good that nobody would have complained. Of course, we all wanted to hear more and there were a few classics still missing. The band seemed so happy together after all these years, so passionate about their music that it makes you think that it won't be long until they tour again.

As it happened a couple of years ago, Albarn and co held the crowd in Buenos Aires in the palm of their hands from beginning to end finishing with anthemic 'The Universal' one of those songs you can't avoid singing along ..."Yes it really really really could happen"

I guess that they are as good as they have always been and it's a feature worth celebrating for a band that excudes confidence and brilliance after being around for almost 27 years.
All in all, a great selection of classic songs and Albarn and the band sounded as vast, powerful and iconic as ever providing a soundtrack to the lives of many who were there last night.

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TXT: Daniel Rodríguez
PH: Tadeo Jones

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Blur played

Go Out
There's No Other Way
Lonesome Street
Ghost Ship
Coffee & TV
Out of Time
Thought I Was a Spaceman
Trimm Trabb
(With 9 people on stage)
Ong Ong
Song 2
To the End
This Is a Low
Girls & Boys
For Tomorrow
The Universal